Burçin Kılıçak is a multi-disciplinary creative designer in the aesthetics of presentation design. He currently resides in Istanbul, where he owns and operates SlideShow.

SlideShow helps organizations move people with their ideas through custom designed presentations and advanced animations - from keynotes on the big stage to everyday presentations, communications and events.

Burçin's body of work blends words, shapes, colors, and motion, transforming them into meaningful messages. He has worked with many local and multinational big brands, senior executives and teams, helping to create communications that move people through ideas.

At the same time, Burçin has more than 15 years of advertising experience and transforms this knowledge into a creative force in presentation work.

His work has won many international trophies and honors in various competitions like ARC, LACP, and Galaxy, including "Most Creative Report Worldwide" in the LACP Vision Awards 2018.

Burçin Kılıçak